Chartering a Private Jet in Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Nearby Cities

With the advancement in technology, it truly seems that the sky is the limit. And flying in an aircraft is also not an exception in this manner. Commercial airlines today offer the most comfortable seats, fine dining experiences and plush chambers to make the whole affair more incredible. However, nothing can beat the luxurious experience of chartering a private jet. While taking a commercial plane is all about sharing space and working according to set schedules, flying in a private jet is all about giving life to your private flying needs. So, if you want all your individual wants to be answered, then come to us at Oakland Air. Our skilled pilots are dedicated to catering to all your needs while taking care of your safety during the whole course. Whether it is a family emergency, vacation or corporate meeting, we make sure that you reach your sought after destination on time. Once you hire our services, you can rest assured because all our pilots are trained and certified by the Oakland Air Strategic Service Department Program. So, if you need such services in places like Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Michigan, etc. then you can depend on us.

Chartering a Private Jet in Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Here are two major perks of flying private. Have a look.

  • Choose Your Own Timings

Private jets allow you to choose your own time of arrival and departure. A lot of times, we might not be comfortable with flight timing or it may not match our schedules. So, while we would have to compromise on this factor in a commercial plane, a private jet lets you get ready according to your time without having to go through any kind of rush.

  • No Unwanted Layovers

The best part of flying private is the fact that you can avoid unnecessary layovers. This is all the more true for longer flights, where there is at least one mandatory stop. When you take a private jet, you can skip this and reach your destinations much faster. If you have a busy schedule and cannot lose time by waiting at layovers, then you must take on the services of a private jet.

So, if you want to schedule a trip with us, call us now!