Chartering a Private Jet in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Michigan and Nearby Cities

Commercial airlines nowadays have upped their game by providing their customers with plush seats, luxurious suites and private chambers. And yet, taking a trip via a private jet still remains the most convenient and lavish way to fly. Of course, flying private comes with certain benefits that first class can never offer. While in a commercial airplane is all about sharing the plane with people, chartering a private jet is all about you! So, if you also want the freedom to take a flight whenever you want and wherever you want, particularly with all your individual needs catered, then come to us at Oakland Air, where we have a dedicated staff of pilots committed to your safety, comfort and on-time arrival. No matter where your on-demand charter flight needs to be, our premier service has got it covered. Our efficient and professional pilots, trained by the Oakland Air Strategic Service Department Program takes care of your schedule while arranging for all your on-flight demands to give you a wholesome experience. So, if you need such services in or around locations like Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Michigan, then look no further!

Chartering a Private Jet in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Michigan

Take a look at some of the most vital benefits of flying private.

  1. Closer to Destinations

If you choose to fly private, you have the option of selecting your arrival and departure terminals. So, in the event that you reside near airfields or small private airports, you can easily depart from there without having to go through the traffic at busy airports. Alternatively, you can also land closer to your destination and spend more time once your reach there.

  • No Unnecessary Layovers

With the help of a private jet, you can skip the extra layovers of commercial airlines and hence, get to your destinations much faster. If you have a tight schedule and cannot afford unnecessary layovers at airports, then you can significantly benefit from the services of a private jet.

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