Private Jets for Rent in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Detroit MI, and all the Surrounding Areas

Are you thinking of doing something extraordinary for your spouse on your anniversary? Is your child’s birthday coming up and you want to give him or her an exciting present? Worry not, for we, at Oakland Air, offer to help you do just that. All you have to do is hire private jets for rent and you will be all set. With us, you can not only hire an aircraft but will also be provided with pilots and tour guides for the entire trip. With such experts at your service, you expand the experience of your ride. Our aircrafts are constantly serviced to make sure that our customers can enjoy their time safely. Our adherence to the utmost safety norms set for by legal precedents has made us to go-to firm for the residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Lansing, Detroit MI, and Flint.  

Private Jets for Rent in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Detroit MI

Here, we have made a list of 3 reasons why it may be useful for you to hire aircrafts that are for lease for personal use. Take a look. 

  • Less Expensive Choice 

The price of a plane for personal use can be exorbitant. Since not many can afford it, not many can enjoy the luxury that comes with riding in such a plane. Thus, hiring a plane is a more reasonable choice financially which allows the rider to get his or her money’s worth. 

  • No Maintenance Requirements 

Since the plane is not yours you do not have to bear the costs for its maintenance and servicing. These costs are usually quite high and you do not have to deal with them if you only hire them on lease. 

  • Availability of Pilots 

You will simply need to engage the services of an efficient pilot which implies that you will only have to pay the pilots fees apart from the hiring charges which will help you save significantly. 

So, if you need an aircraft for your personal use that is for charter purposes then call us at 877-467-3543 for our services.