Private Jets for Rent in Michigan, Detroit MI, Grand Rapids, and all the Surrounding Areas

While many of us would like to avail the services of a private aircraft, not many of us have the means to do so. What, however, quite a few of us can afford are private jets for rent. We, at Oakland Air, strive to bring to you the experience of travelling in a private jet in a manner which will make the experience both unique and special. Our team has members who are from the Michigan aviation community whose collective experience and dedication have lead to our impeccable service records. We have been in business since 1989 and it took us only 2 years to open a private aircraft terminal. We have offices in Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Ohio and other areas from where our aircraft services are availed by all of US.  

Private Jets for Rent in Michigan, Detroit MI, Grand Rapids

We have given below a few points which will help you choose the best company to hire private jets from. Take a look. 

  • Commitment to Safety 

The most important concern to mitigate is the point of safety. Only a company that regularly services its jets and provides regular training to its pilots and other employees is a company that is whole-heartedly dedicated to the safety of its clients as well as its employees. A jet that is subjected to regular maintenance is one that will not only fly smoothly but will also ensure the security of the people flying inside it. 

  • Experience in the Business 

A company that has been around for long is a company that will use its experience to iron out kinks in its service. Companies that have experienced staff members are more reliable than others. Another advantage of an experienced company is that it will have a team dedicated to providing the best, not just in terms of safety but also in terms of cost-effectiveness. 

So, if you are interested in our services call us at 248-666-4300.