Private Jets for Rent in Michigan, Grand Rapids, Detroit MI, and all the Surrounding Areas

Are you looking for the perfect aircraft for your business or any other event for which you have to fly to another location? Well, then you should hire private jets for rent. But you need to check certain factors in your aircraft before you decide to hire the company. What’s the first thing that you would check before renting a car – its ability to be operated of course! An aircraft isn’t very different and its airworthiness would definitely be the most obvious thing to check before even considering it any further. 

Private Jets for Rent in Michigan, Grand Rapids, Detroit MI

Having crossed this mark, the three key things that you should ideally check before renting a private aircraft are: 

  1. The tariff structure

You’d need to check how much you are being charged and how you are being charged for it, i.e. is it billed by the clock, hobbs or tach? Further, would it be a dry rate or a wet rate (in case it is the latter, do find out what the provisions for getting fuel reimbursed are). 

  1. Its log book

You should ideally go through the logbooks and check if you can find a current annual for the aircraft’s key components, viz airframe, engines & propellers; current entries for the pilot-static system; whether it is IFR or VFR capable, et al. In case the owner doesn’t wish to show the logbooks to you, then our advice would be to not consider that craft any further. 

  1. Insurance

You need to check if you fall within the purview of the open pilot clause. If not, you’d need to be drafted as a named pilot on the policy. 

So, now that you know about these tips, if you are located in areas likeDetroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing, or Michigan, and are interested in hiring us, quickly get in touch with us now.